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Who are we ?

AGRECO was established in 1992 as a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) in order to pool the material and human resources of the consulting companies AGRER (Belgium) and AGRICONSULTING (Italy) for the preparation and implementation of large-scale studies and projects in the field of biodiversity conservation and natural resources management.
15 years later, this objective is reached, many of the environmental projects managed by AGRECO being recognized by various donors as successfully implemented.

In the framework of its activities the company has established close links with research institutes in Europe as well as in the beneficiary countries, thereby enhancing better co-ordination between research objectives and management needs in conservation and environment management.

AGRECO’s track record and those of its member companies cover Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Particular experience has been gained in the co-ordination and management of regional projects, with actions at the local (protected area, communities,...), the national (forestry and environmental administrations) and the regional level (between the administrations, institutions and protected areas of the countries concerned). The company is therefore especially familiar with issues as mediation, exchange of experience and information, cross-border cooperation and coordination.


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